Kombi Mindful Colouring Pouch

Kombi Mindful Colouring Pouch

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Mindful Colouring Pouches

These Mindful Colouring Pouches are perfect as gifts to ourselves as well as our family and friends to bring the qualities of Mindfulness into our lives.

Perfect for retreats and wellness programs in your business.

If you run beautiful retreats or have a business with a health and wellness program, then these little pouches are the perfect way to introduce or reinforce the concept of Mindfulness with a simple and easy activity that everyone can share.

Mindful Colouring Pouches

These lovely little Mindful Colouring Pouches are perfect to keep in your bag for when you have a break during a busy day or for quiet time later. ‘Mindful colouring’ guidelines are included in the pouch to help you practice bringing your attention to the simple activity of Mindful colouring, in the present moment. A fabulous and easy way to introduce a little Mindfulness practice into your busy day!

Each 100% Cotton Muslin pouch contains:

  • 1 Coloured hand drawn original Kombi card for you to use.

  • 3 Hand drawn 12cm x 12cm Kombi cards with black and white original design on the front and back for you to enjoy colouring in your chosen colours.

  • A little packet of sustainable pencils (see description below)

  • A card with suggested guide lines to help you Mindfully colour in.


Colour pencils are a delight to use and brighten up our lives. These beautiful little sustainable wooden pencils are manufactured in an environmentally responsible way. 
They are encased in untreated purpose-grown timber from sustainably-managed forests. No paint or lacquer has been used on the wooden body of the pencils. Colours are high quality, smooth and safe (non-toxic), conforming to stringent European standards. The pencils are easy to sharpen and resist breakage/splintering. All in a recycled paper pack.


This natural coloured pouch is handmade in 100% Cotton muslin with a high quality weave and single drawstring.

Keep your mandala colouring cards clean, together, and close at hand in this beautiful and tactile pouch. then you will be ready for any quiet moment that arises to practice mindful colouring.

 Happy Mindful Colouring!


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