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My name is Karen and this is the place where I’d love to share with you Mindfulness, Relaxation and Creativity. Learning how to relax and practice Mindfulness Meditation has helped me find more peace of mind, enjoy life and live in the present moment. Pure Relaxation is all about exploring Mindfulness through simple line drawing, creating unique and personal art works for our homes, gifts for ourselves, our families and friends….and most of all having fun and bringing colour back into life!

Come and join me!

I love the ocean and this quote about life says it all for me:

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf
— Jon Jabat-Zinn
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karen’s Story

I came to Perth Western Australia as a wind- seeking windsurfer in the 80’s living my life travelling in a van and next to the ocean . As I settled and made a family life here, I soon realized that I needed to learn how to navigate the waves of my own life as well.

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Classes & Workshops

In the 3hr workshop we explore the concept of Mindfulness itself and how to apply it to draw and create a mandala. It is such a thrill when each person learns how to draw in the moment, and trusts that their design will emerge. Each person leaves with their unique mandala design and ideas as to how they can use their designs to create beautiful original artworks for their own environment.


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I learnt that ‘mandala’ meant circle in sanskrit and was interested to find that Carl Yung the famous Swiss psychoanalyst had worked extensively with mandalas and found them significant in terms of the development of ‘the self’. They had also been found in all ancient cultures.



I have discovered a great love for mindfully drawing mandalas and here I would like to share with you my art, workshops and all things relaxing and mindful that have helped me surf the waves in my life.

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join me on a journey to relaxation

 All of these things create more balance and enjoyment in my life. They help me relax and feel present and maybe they will in yours too? Then we’ll be able to surf the waves together!